Our Story

The Rites of The Sisterhood Collective offers a series of programs delivering progressive Rites Of Passage experiences for girls and young women of all ages in the Byron Bay area. We deliver modern, fresh and current Rites of Passage programs for the local community and beyond.

The Collective is a group of dynamic and qualified women, all trained in Global Rites of Passage Leadership, who share a common ground in assisting positive transformations for girls and women of all ages.

Historically, many cultures from around the world have recognised the significance and importance of communal rituals and rites that honour the transitions from girl to young adult, from young adult to independent woman, and all that encompasses a woman's lifetime - motherhood, partnership, love, menopause, sickness or loss, and even her eventual transition from this earth. 

Rites of Passage brings girls and women together to mark the changes, celebrate the shifts, and honour the gifts, skills and talents of all ages and stages of life.